Hymn of the Week: ‘Laudate Laudate Dominum’ by Christopher Walker

A definitive version is seen and heard here, from the papal Mass in Washington, D.C. in 2015.

The lyrics:

  1. In the faith of Christ we walk hand in hand, light before our path as the Lord has planned; shining the torch of faith in our land: in the name of Christ Jesus
  2.  In the name of Christ we will spread the seed; share the Word of God with all those in need, faithful in thought and word and deed: in the name of Christ Jesus
  3.  In the pow’r of Christ we proclaim one Lord. all who put on Christ are by faith restored; sharing new life, salvation’s reward: in the name of Christ Jesus

Chorus: Laudate, laudate Dominum, omnes gente laudate laudate Dominum, Exsultate jubilate per annos Domini, omnes gente.

This Sunday, we continue a longstanding summer tradition at my parish and bring back our choir (on summer hiatus) for our St. John Vianney novena and a “high” Mass celebrated by a newly ordained priest. This is our entrance hymn. It remains one of my favorites, along with another Christopher Walker classic, “Out of Darkness,” which is a staple at Easter.

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