“I Was Never More Proud to be a Member of God’s Church Than That Moment”

If you haven’t discovered Cecilia yet, stop by and say hello. It’s Aleteia’s brand new music service, featuring music, videos and stories about Catholic music.  As the website proclaims:

Cecilia is an international project, sponsored by Aleteia, which takes its name from the patron saint of music and musicians: St. Cecilia.  The mission of Cecilia is to present to the world music that elevates and draws us closer to God.

Topping that music this Sunday is “Lord I Need You,” by Matt Maher, which many of us still remember from his stirring performance at World Youth Day in 2013.

Check out the song and what Manuel de Teffé, Cecilia Artistic Director, has to say about it.

As a bonus, you’ll discover things like this great short interview with Maher, who describes his experience at World Youth Day: “I was never more proud to be a member of God’s church than at that moment.”

Just watch:


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