Marco Rubio Talks About His Faith

Whatever one may think of his politics, this much is clear: Marco Rubio is comfortable talking about his faith.  (Although whether that faith is Catholic or something else is harder to pin down.)


Republican presidential hopeful Marco Rubio was asked if he goes to God for counsel when encountering difficult decisions.

Rubio took the opportunity to elaborate on his relationship with faith and peace.

“You know, I’d love to tell you absolutely all the time. I should and I often do. I think none of us do that enough,” said Rubio. “About two months ago, somebody asked me, “do you ever doubt your faith?” I think people think doubting faith means you wake up in the morning and you say I wonder if there’s really a God. I think we all doubt our faith. Let me tell you when you doubt your faith,” he continued. “You doubt your faith when you’re confronted with a challenge or a problem and you start to have deep anxiety.”

Rubio explained that there is no guarantee that Christians will live a hassle-free life, but that the pursuit of peace in all things is how he chooses to live—to choose to find joy and happiness in spite of the circumstance.

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Photo: Wikipedia