Ordination update: 26 new deacons for Peoria

From Bishop Daniel Jenky’s Facebook page—along with some beautiful pictures—here are the names:

To the Permanent Diaconate:

Robb Joseph Caputo; Robert Thomas DePauw; Hector Diaz; Michael Claire Driscoll; Anthony Michael Evers; Michael Alan Harris; Mark Scott Jackson; R. Joseph Knapp; John Andrew Kusek; Faustino Lopez; Guadalupe Ildefonso Lopez; Wendell Justin Lowry III; Albert Louis Lundy; Edmund Joseph Mallow, Jr.; Thomas Edward Mann; Joseph Anthony McCleary; Daniel Thomas Moffitt; Anthony Brian Nickrent; Daniel John O’Connor; Marshall Benjamin Plumley; Mark Howard Scamp; Michael Eldon Sigwalt; Ronald Ralph Wackerlin; Todd Steven Weber.

To the Transitional Diaconate:

Ryan Michael Mattingly; Andru Edward O’Brien.

Congratulations and welcome, brothers! Ad multos annos!

Meanwhile, a sharp-eyed observer tells me that the Book of the Gospels used in the rite was one that belonged to Peoria’s favorite son (and future saint) Fulton Sheen.