‘To God be the glory!’: kidnapped religious sisters in Nigeria freed

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You may remember this shocking story from November.

The latest: 

Three Catholic nuns and three women accompanying them, kidnapped in Nigeria on Nov. 13, 2017, were released after spending nearly two months in captivity.

The religious sisters were members of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus (EHJ) Convent in Edo state, in the south of the country.

The kidnappers had taken the women from their residence, and fled via speedboat to an unknown destination.

The convent later received a ransom demand for $55,000, but the mother superior, Sister Agatha Osarekho said no money was ever handed over.

“No ransom was paid. Well, we know that [the police] did their best because they are aware. They had to do their work. The most important thing is that our sisters are out,” the mother superior said.

“We are happy; to God be the glory! One was released [Saturday] and the others were also released today [Sunday]. They are fine and are receiving some medical checkup in a hospital,” she said.

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Deacon Greg Kandra
The Deacon's Bench
Deacon Greg Kandra is a Roman Catholic deacon in the Diocese of Brooklyn, New York. For nearly three decades, he was a writer and producer for CBS News, where he contributed to a variety of programs and was honored with every major award in broadcasting. Deacon Greg now serves as Multimedia Editor for Catholic Near East Welfare Association (CNEWA.) He and his wife live in Forest Hills, New York.
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