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How to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey


We’ve all seen the pictures and read the stories — the tragic, the heroic and the heartening. Many, many thousands of people have lost everything, and some may even lose their jobs as businesses and commercial enterprises deal with the aftermath of this historic and devastating storm. Here is how you can help:

First and foremost: Pray. Offer prayers for the people affected, the rescue workers and the government that must effectively deal with what has happened. Offer a fast, even if it is just giving up one meal a day for a week, for the sake of the region and the people who are in mourning. All of the good we can do through donations, or through real-time, in-person help if we are in the position to do so, will be sped and assisted through prayer.

Second: Get out those credit cards! Make a donation to those organizations who have the organization, the experience and the manpower to help bring necessary relief to Texas due to Harvey and related floods. The Texas Diaper Bank is putting together an outreach to help young families.

I’ve donated to Catholic Charities, which you can do by clicking here or texting CCUSADISASTER


The Knights of the Order of Malta (Malterser International) has also set up a donation page.





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