Daily Poll: The Deacon Debacle

Lots of hoopla and hand-wringing yesterday when it was reported that the Holy Father would assign a commission to clarify our understanding about Deaconesses in church history and make a final, declarative statement on Women Deacons.

Today, of course, brings a full translation of Pope Francis’ remarks and they seem to challenge yesterday’s narrative.

“I think that I will ask the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to inform me about the studies on this topic, because I have responded to you based only on what I heard from this priest — who was a scholarly and true researcher — about the permanent diaconate. And also I would like to set up an official commission to study the issue: I think that it will be good for the Church to clarify this point; I agree, and I will speak, to do something of this kind.

You then say: “We agree with you, Holy Father, who have repeatedly shown the need for a greater role of women in decision-making positions in the Church.” This is clear. “Can you give us some examples of where you see the possibility of a better inclusion of women, and of consecrated women, in the Church?”

Read the whole thing and share it to help unmuddy the waters, but in the meantime, you know this whole issue begged for a poll!

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