Daily Poll: Would You Support People Through Their ‘Hidden Grief’?

Today, Cara Strickland explored different ways to help our loved ones who are carrying the burden of miscarriage and infertility:

It’s likely that you know a Nicole, a Liv, or a Charlie. In fact, it’s likely that you know many of them. When you begin to talk about miscarriage and infertility, both among people with children and those without, the stories often pour out. But as with any type of grief, longing, or sorrow, it can be hard to know how to support these loved ones. Liv, Charlie, and Nicole offered some wisdom.

“I think sometimes people are so afraid of the awkwardness that they don’t say anything,” says Nicole. “Take the risk of support even if it doesn’t come out perfectly.”

Nicole, Liv, and Charlie all agree that the best way to support a friend in miscarriage or infertility is simply to be present and to listen. “I think you’re always grateful for having friends in your life,” says Nicole. “But it’s at times like that that you realize how valuable they are.”

For many of us miscarriages are often a subject to shy away from. We assume no one would want to bring up the pain of such a deep emotional wound with anyone but their partner, but Nicole tells us to “Take the risk.” With this in mind we would like to ask you:

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