WATCH: This miniature wood carving is like holding prayer in your hands

We came across a group of miniature wood carving we thought you’d like and while learning more about them we found this miniature tabernacle that blew us away! Made in the early 1500’s, this piece is still fully functional after 500 years!

The tabernacle is carved with scenes from the life of Jesus. It was designed as an interactive aid to prayer, which comes apart and opens like a flower to reveal more and more areas of minute carving. Inside the pinnacle, the Virgin and Child can be raised by a ratchet. The central element is a prayer nut. The tabernacle may have been owned by the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V (reigned 1519–53) whose arms appear on the case.

Cheers to Medieval craftsmanship! They don’t make ’em like that anymore.

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