Please find below, clues with answers to Aleteia’s October 2015 Crossword Puzzle:

Acclamation–Brief expressions of joy, ie amen, hallelujah…
Amen–Hebrew word meaning “true, of course”
Archdiocese–Governed by an Archbishop
Ash Wednesday–First day of Lent
Fiat–Car that the Pope rode in after arrival in Washington
Beatification–A step towards canonization
Canon–A law, for the Church
Creed–Meaning “I believe”
Bishop–A member of the Catholic Church hierarchy
Cardinal–A senior leader within the Catholic Church
Dogma–A truth about morals or faith as taught by the church
Eucharist–This Sacrament is a reminder of Christ’s Last Supper
HolySee–Those areas in Rome under the pope’s ecclesiastical jurisdiction
HolyTrinity–The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are called this
Jesuit–A religious order founded by St. Ignatius Loyola in 1540
Liturgy –A common public worship carried out by a religious group
VaticanCity–An independent city state ruled by the pope
Vespers–A series of prayers said in the early evening
Pope–Leader of the Catholic faith
Apostle–One of the 12 original followers of Jesus Christ
BuenosAires–Hometown of Pope Francis
Jeep–Car make of the Popemobile during the US visit
Dios–“God” en español
Benedict–Living predecessor to the current Pope

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