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Saint of the Day: Bl. Chiara Bosatta
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Comment Policy

Comments are an integral part of Aleteia’s online publication. We encourage you to comment, and to strive to make your comments worthy of who you are, worthy of Aleteia, and worthy of what is at stake, that is, the Christian message.

  1. Comments should pertain to the article of the same page as the comment, or to another comment of the page.
       Avoid generalizations or comments on some other article or theme
       Propaganda for other media, associations, groups, communities, etc, is prohibited
  1. Be respectful and courteous, and if providing commentary, offer logical, reasoned opinions.

  2. Comments should be brief: the web site does not permit comments of more than 1500 characters

  3. Comments can include links, but the following types of links are prohibited
       Links that direct to dishonorable sites,
       Links for advertising or commercial interests,
       Links unrelated to the article
    1. Comments should be inspired by a spirit of fraternity and charity. Malicious, vulgar and/or threatening comments are prohibited, as are comments aimed to incite hate. Slanderous, degrading, calumnious and racist comments are prohibited. Any comment that can be construed as a threat against persons, public order or customs is prohibited.

    2. Comments should respect regulations on intellectual property and copyright law. Plagiarism and citation of texts exceeding 10 lines (except when in public domain) are prohibited.

    3.  Aleteia’s editors and those assigned by them to regulate and monitor comments reserve the right to deny publication or remove after publication any comment that is not considered to respect the letter and the spirit of this policy. This Comment Policy is a summary of Article 4 of our General Conditions of Use , which you can read here if you wish for more detailed and complete information.