A grandparent’s prayer for the protection of grandchildren

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Recite this beautiful prayer every day, asking God to guide your grandchildren throughout daily life.

The best way of showing your love for your grandchildren is by praying for them. Pray that they enjoy good health, that they be kept safe as they go about their daily lives, that they feel loved and are loving to others, that they grow in wisdom, obedience, and kindness. Pray also to be a grandmother or grandfather who understands what your grandchildren confront in the world today.

If you’d like to accompany and support your grandchildren  throughout their lives, in times of joy, but also of difficulty, recite this beautiful grandparent’s prayer each day:

Dear God and Father of all,

you know these grandchildren we place in your presence,

you know how much we love them.

They are for us a source of joy and wonderment.

And for this, we give you thanks.

But, at times too,

they are a cause of concern and anguish.

They experience disruptions

that worry and scar them:

ruptures with you, with your Church,

rifts within their family, breakdowns in their commitments.

Without You, we can do nothing.

But we know and we believe

that You master the impossible.

We pray You, Lord,

that You lead them along paths

where You await them

and that You teach us patience,

humility, and love,

just as Your Son taught us.


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