A “colorful” prayer to start 2020 on the right foot


Let’s begin the new year by placing ourselves in God’s presence and praying these words as a family.

Just as any new endeavor should begin with a prayer, a new year should also start with praising God. Here’s a highly “colorful” prayer written by Fr. Gaston Lecleir. Ordained to the priesthood in 1952, he was at the heart of the spiritual life of many parish communities in Brussels.

Lord, you’re offering me this New Year

like a stained-glass window to be put together

with 365 pieces of all colors

representing the days of my life.

In it, I will put the red of my love and enthusiasm,

the purple of my sorrows and mourning,

the green of my hopes and the pinks of my dreams,

the blue or the gray of my commitments and struggles,

the yellow and gold of my harvests …

The white will be my ordinary days

and the black for those from which you are absent.

I will cement this with my faith

and my trust in you.

Lord, all I ask you is that, by the light of your presence and the Holy Spirit,

this stained glass of my life be illuminated from within.

Then, through transparency, those I will meet during this year

will discover the face of your beloved Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.


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