Here’s how to put an end to arguments in your relationship


Just one small cutting remark can quickly lead to a fight, but there’s a simple solution to help you control your emotions.

Heated discussions tend to quickly boil over. The whole atmosphere becomes charged with tension, as the two partners begin hurling accusations at each other. We’ve all seen this happen and maybe experienced it ourselves. So, why do we allow ourselves to treat our partners with so little respect? 

Our communications with those around us are rooted in our emotions .The way we interpret the world depends on whether we feel angry, jealous, scared, or loving. We react before we can think and sometimes the lack of control we have over our emotions causes us fly off the handle. In order to better understand the other person, let us take time to analyze our own role in the given situation.

Blind rage and fear are bad advisors. We  keep our emotions in check learn how to take a step back and think instead of instantly blowing a fuse. It is better to say: “I feel very disturbed by our conversation and prefer to calm down before we continue.” Thoughtfulness demonstrates our kindness and respect for the others. It is as important as the courtesy we so much enjoy. This is the secret to living in harmony.  

Marie-Noël Florant (Marriage counselor)

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