Are computer games putting a strain on your relationship?

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There’s nothing better than a computer game to unwind and forget your troubles, say seasoned gamers. But what happens when their spouse disagrees?

While plenty of women enjoy computer games, it’s often the complaint of wives that their husbands play them too often, and with lockdown, this complaint may be even more frequent. To put an end to arguments and avoid hard feelings, a few ground rules may need to be established

Sharing with each other

First, no partner should deprive the other of a hobby that he or she enjoys. Your partner has his own way of distracting himself, and it may be computer games. Others might enjoy hunting, fishing, baseball, or a host of other activities. You can’t complain about your spouse’s favorite past times when you have your own. So why not try sharing your hobbies with each other?

When to seek professional help

If a hobby takes up all of your free time, it’s a problem in a relationship. In such cases, it’s often an addiction, which leads to dependence, indifference, and isolation. If a person spends all of his free time playing computer games and neglecting his partner, he needs to be held accountable and seek professional help. 

How to compensate the lack of attention

If one partner enjoys hobbies alone, he needs to compensate for it by showing focused attention on his spouse. This will help his partner to not feel neglected, and help her tolerate his solitary hobbies and stay happy.  

No relationship can be totally symbiotic. Partners need to take “breathers” to recuperate and practice their favorite activities. They can alternate them with intense moments spent together. Each person also needs to dedicate time to developing their personal relationship with God.

You can never own those you love and they can never possess you. First and foremost, each of us belongs to the Creator, who invites us to cherish the mysteries of each other.

Denis Sonet

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