A prayer to recite after you and your spouse have quarreled

fizkes | Shutterstock

These words will help with reconciliation and a fresh start.

Talking calmly and trying to understand the other’s point of view is vital for reconciliation after an argument. But a prayer can also help in defusing tensions. French Christian author Father François Banvillet has composed a prayer for both partners to recite to help foster reconciliation:

 O Lord, we praise you and bless you!

You are the God who helps us 

and we do deeply love you. 

Today/tonight, we both lost our tempers.

Our quarrel has revealed

that we don’t speak enough to one another.

There was a lot of hidden animosity 

we unintentionally harbored.

You’ve given us our love,

You’ve given us our strength and spirit.

O Lord, we praise you and bless you!




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