3 Things to guarantee a successful family vacation


Prepare in a way that sets you up for success.

The month of June has come to an end and vacation time is on the horizon. How to fill these weeks so each of our children have the opportunity to blossom in all personal dimensions? Here are some tips for a great family vacation, even during the time of COVID.

Think about nurturing the body

Since we’re all embodied persons, vacation is the time par excellence for physical development through sports. Vacation allows children the time to play those games they particularly enjoy. But there may be others you could suggest to help them overcome any weaknesses you may have spotted. For example, if a child is lacking in self-confidence or confidence in others, rock climbing may be a perfect activity for them. Like sailing, it requires teamwork to overcome one’s fear of the void, of the unknown, of the sea, to nurture composure before the unexpected, and the tenacity to attain a fixed goal. Sports, even the least expensive like biking or hiking, affords the opportunity to develop will-power, to master oneself, to overcome one’s fears. It’s a real school of life!

When thinking about the body, don’t forget that rest is also essential for its development, which means proper sleep. But beware: sleep doesn’t mean endless morning sleep-ins, but not going to bed too late. The grumpy, grouchy mood of a teen can be the result of a lack of sleep.

Don’t forget the mind and the heart!

A human being also has a mind, the ability to reason and reflect. Vacation time allows us as a family to have meaningful, deep conversations with our children, which we often postpone during the year given the pace of school and urgent daily demands. So don’t overload family vacation time with too many activities. Plan time as well to spend time with and listen to one another, to talk and communicate.

Body, mind … and then there’s the heart. Helping your child’s heart to grow is perhaps the most urgent but also the least simple of tasks. The heart is what allows us to love, and to love means giving oneself to another. Although it’s a source of joy, giving always takes effort because turning toward the other doesn’t necessarily come naturally. As a family, let’s encourage this exchange; let’s find the time to love one another through shared activities, but in words as well, supporting one another.

This summer, let’s focus on family time so that the little ones, as well as the older ones, have time to love one another. A successful vacation is then all but guaranteed!

Inès de Franclieu

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