A prayer asking God to give wisdom to our children as a new school year begins

© Evgeny Atamanenko - Shutterstock

A new school year is upon us — here’s a way to start it off on the right foot.

Summer vacations are almost over and the month of September is upon us. In some states, children are already back in class. But no matter when your kids are starting school this year, and how they will be learning, don’t forget this prayer to ask the Lord to grant them success in their studies.

Holy Savior,

You who remained among the rabbis,

to ask them questions and to hear their answers,

we entrust to you our child

in this new school year.

Infuse him with the spirit of wisdom, open his mind,

so he can acquire the knowledge he will need

here on Earth and in the life eternal.

You who are the Way, the Truth, and the Life,

don’t let false doctrines turn

our child away from the right path.

Let him, O Jesus, grow in years and in wisdom

and be blessed by God and men alike.


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