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Wednesday 04 August |
Saint of the Day: St. John Vianney

Daily Quiz Answers: Sinners Who Became Saints

The answer to the first description is C – Moses the Black.

A – St. Dismas was the penitent thief who was crucified next to Jesus. While he was not formally canonized by the Catholic Church he is still venerated in some Catholic traditions and is an excellent example that it is never too late to repent.

B – St. Vladimir was the grandson of St. Olga and spent his early years as a pagan ruler who boasted 800 concubines and several wives. He became interested in religion and sent men all around the world to see what was out there. He settled on Christianity and is largely credited with bringing orthodoxy to the Russian and Ukrainian areas.

D – St. Olaf was a king of Norway in the 8th and 9th century. He was reported to be a violent ruler who conquered many lands, but he is also attributed as one of the driving forces behind Norway’s final conversion to Christianity, although stone crosses and other Christian symbols suggest that at least the coastal areas of Norway were deeply influenced by Christianity long before Olaf’s time

The answer to the second description is B – St. Mary of Egypt

A – St. Olga was the grandmother of St. Vladimir. Before her conversion she reportedly buried people alive for attempting to marry her, had 5000 men slaughtered during a feast in her honor, and set a city ablaze using birds she had demanded from the city as payment for back-taxes.

C – St. Margaret of Cortona is the patron saint of the falsely accused, single mothers, reformed prostitutes and tramps (among others.) She ran away with the son of a lord, with whom she had an illegitimate child and lived with him as a mistress. When one day he was found murdered on the road, it shocked her into a life of prayer and penitence.

She gave back everything her master’s family had given her and returned home where he step-mother would not have her and landed at the Franciscan friars at Cortona, where her son eventually became a friar. After a probationary period she joined Third Order of Saint Francis and chose to live in poverty. She spent her days administering to the sick and homeless, starting a hospital and even founding a congregation of Tertiary Sisters, known as “le poverelle” (Italian for “the little poor ones”).

D – Mary Magdalene was a former prostitute who repented after an encounter with Jesus. She followed him and lived with him and the apostles. She’s a well known figure in the Gospels, you’ve probably heard of her.