St. Gianna Beretta Molla - patron saint against birth complications

After a cancerous tumor developed in her uterus during pregnancy, Gianna chose the life of her child over her own. She died in 1962 after the healthy birth of her daughter, Gianna Emanuela.
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Prayer to St. Gianna for pregnancy complications

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Patron Saint of Mothers, Physicians, and Preborn Children,
O compassionate Saint Gianna,
physician and caregiver to the poor, the elderly,
to children and expectant mothers,
look lovingly upon my humble prayer,
and intercede for me with our Heavenly Father.
As a dedicated wife and mother,
you imitated the love of our Savior, Jesus Christ,
even to the point of giving your life to save
the life of your preborn child.
Ask the Holy Spirit, I pray, to fill me with courage,
so that your words may become my own:
“Whatever God wants.”
If it is in God’s loving plan for me,
pray that my intention may be granted
(make your request here).

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