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Monday 27 May |
Saint of the Day: St. Augustine of Canterbury
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Discover the new Aleteia 3.0 today!


A letter from Pierre-Marie Dumont, publisher of Aleteia

Launched in 2015, Aleteia 2.0 has spread to the five continents in its seven language editions. Over the course of this time, Aleteia has become one of the most popular Catholic sites in the world. Each month, it reaches some 150 million people on social media and receives more than 17 million visits, generating 30 million page views.

This incredible success — we could call it almost miraculous — has been achieved without advertising. It is due mostly to the millions of people who share our content, forming a living and dynamic community — a community that continues to grow. Thanks to the quality of the work being done by the seven editorial teams spread around the world, in 2016 Aleteia received recognition as “best web site” in its category by the Catholic Press Association in the United States and Canada (

We launch Aleteia 3.0!

Aleteia is seeking to become a global reference point on the internet. It is not aiming to become a media power. Instead, it seeks to serve the 1.2 billion men and women who share the Catholic faith: to offer them a media resource that is worthy of its readers and of their faith in Jesus Christ. With such an objective, dear friends, all of us are part of Aleteia’s success!

Reaching our objective depends on today’s exciting launch of Aleteia 3.0. We are pursuing a goal that, without all of you, without your participation, we could not reach.

The challenge of evangelization.

Aleteia 3.0 implies an ambitious renovation, both at the technical and at the editorial level. We invite you to pause for a while to discover all of its richness and enjoy the new design and features. You won’t regret it. And if you like what you find, if you can imagine its potential, we ask you to please, share it urbi et orbi! Spread the word! Share the articles that touch your hearts. Invite your friends to discover the new

Ah, I about forgot. Take a look around you. The internet and social media have become the place where young people meet and find information. Are we going to allow the Gospel and the Christian life to be marginalized in this new world? Absolutely not. If we get to work, we can be present and make ourselves seen, just as a cathedral is seen at the heart of every city .It is possible. We are the biggest community on the earth. The average age of the greatest number of visitors to Aleteia is between 18 and 35. Yes, thanks to your help, Aleteia 3.0 can become an authentic force of evangelization for many more millions of people.