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5 Relevant Articles to share with your parish weekly
majority of your parishioners don’t keep up with Catholic news and culture.

Aleteia is a trusted source of engaging and approachable Catholic content. We specialize in sharing a Christian worldview with over 11 million visitors each month, in particular, those who may choose a football game over Sunday Mass.

Let’s work together to connect these parishioners with articles that will encourage a Catholic lifestyle and keep the Faith on their mind throughout the week.

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What's in the weekly parish leader newsletter?

  1. Five articles specifically chosen to speak to parishioners who aren’t reading Catholic content— each easily shareable through social media, email or your parish website.
  2. One parish engagement tip to help you more effectively reach this audience.
This Advent, host an event where you invite engaged parishioners, provide them with food and drink, and give a training on how to be welcoming and engaging to those who come for Christmas Mass.