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Friday 24 May |
Saint of the Day: Sts. Donation and Rogation
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Participation Charter for Aleteia

Aleteia spaces for your comments are open! You are welcome there to share your ideas. They aim at allowing you to maintain friendliness between members, while granting meaningful exchanges.

All users must accept and abide by the rules.

Your comments are publicly visible and published under your own responsibility.

You must comply with regulatory requirements and show respect to others, especially in terms of copyright, respect of privacy, libel, incitement to violence or to racial hatred, etc. In the case of legal proceedings, we may have to reveal your identity.

Are strictly forbidden:

– Any comments contrary to public policy, good moral standards or human dignity.

– Any pedophile, violent, racist, revisionist, defamatory, insulting, impolite or crime-related comments.

Any incitement to suicide, false allegations, as well as invasion of privacy, of representation of the legal person, of professional secrecy, of confidentiality of data exchanges, of human rights from data processing is also proscribed.

Comments contrary to Copyright and Neighboring Rights Law and Database, Trademarks, Privacy Image Rights are also forbidden.

Advertizing messages are strictly prohibited.

Remain polite and courteous at all times. Avoid any derogatory comments.

Post understandable messages.

The moderators reserve the right to ban, move or modify any comments whenever they judge it wise.

All discussions regarding pornographic website are forbidden.

In case of questions or misunderstood moderation, please send an e-mail to the following address: