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Christians in the Middle East count on Aleteia

Help us help them.

While Aleteia nourishes the faith of millions of Christians around the world, the Arabic edition holds a special place in our mission. Each day we work diligently to sustain our journalism through advertising and patron contributions, but for our Arabic edition, simply falls short.

This can’t stop us.

We at Aleteia believe we have a crucial role to play in encouraging our brothers and sisters in the Middle East. Many readers of our Arabic edition personally experience unimaginable challenges to their faith or are concerned for loved ones who do. There are few places they can turn to find a supportive community within our global family. There are not many websites committed to inspiring their hope by affixing hearts and minds on what is true, honorable, right, pure, lovely, and admirable.

In the early Church, Tertullian tells us that pagans were struck by the witness of Christian love. “See how they love one another!” they would remark. We strive to live up to this standard every day. Even if financially difficult, the Arabic edition will continue on and not lose hope — but we need your help. We are asking readers to contribute as little as USD $1 to underwrite theArabic edition for the rest of this year. With only $98,000, we can touch and encourage 5 million Christian brothers and sisters in Arabic countries.