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Brigid, Bridget: Pronounced Bridge+id Americanized: Brigit County: Kildare Born around 450, St. Brigid is one of the three chief saints of Ireland, along with St. Patrick and St. Columba. Born out of wedlock to a pagan chieftain and an enslaved Catholic mother, Brigid was raised a Catholic and was involved in many charitable acts. Prompted by her father's push for her to marry, she scarred her face to deter any potential suitors, choosing to consecrate her life to God. On the day her vocation as a nun was acknowledged by Bishop Mel of Armagh, her disfigurement disappeared and her beauty returned. Devoted to work and prayer. she founded a monastery in Kildare where many came to seek her sage advice. With the name meaning "power, vigor, virtue," you'll be giving your daughter some great essentials.

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