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Ciara, Cera: Pronounced Kee+ra Americanized: Keira, Keera County: Cork The life of St. Cera, born in the 7th century, is often confused with another Cera born a century earlier. Yet, legend has it that when a town went up in flames, St. Brendan instructed the inhabitants to seek the prayers of Cera. Following her prayers, the town was saved. Another saint, Fintan, gave Cera and five other virgins an abbey in Heli, telling her to name it after St. Telle, who'd given birth to children -- named Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John -- that same day. The nunnery, Teyche-Telle, was built around 625, but Cera went on to found another monastery, Kilcrea, in her native province, Cork.

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