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2. Gianna Gianna is a 20th century saint who had a modern career as both a doctor and a mother. She was mother to six, and it was the birth of her final child that reveals her heroic witness to life. In 1961, she was pregnant when her doctors told her she had a dangerous cyst on her uterus that would complicate the delivery. She instructed them to not hesitate to choose her child’s life over her own if the delivery became dangerous. She survived the delivery, but a week after the birth of her daughter, Gianna died of complications. Her daughter, who is also named Gianna, later said, “All my mother’s life has been a hymn to life, to joy, to God’s love, to our Lady, to her family …” In Gianna, we see the strength of a mother to sacrifice everything for her children. Her best parenting tip: Give your whole heart to your children.

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