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The "Fish-Man"
Yazan has spent half of his life in the warm waters of Aqaba, in the Red Sea. He is a scuba diver and a brilliant amateur photographer with a pretty rare and stunning collection of underwater photographs. “How deep have you gone into the sea?” “I went too deep only once. I was young and foolish, and I risked too much. I started diving, and my body was doing OK, so I didn’t stop. But I reached a moment where I was not completely conscious anymore. Thank God I could get out. It happened once. It was a mistake." One can’t help but think of Moses and his people escaping slavery in these very same waters, with their enslavers at their back. What else could they do, tired and weak as they were, but only pray that God would intervene? “For when I am weak, then I am strong.” Yazan’s story, and that of Moses, and the view of the Red Sea, invite the visitor to trust God, since “power is perfected in weakness.”

© Anna Raisa Favale