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Her hands are small and her fingers fast. Not really interested in tourists going back and forth, she keeps working on a new mosaic. The design is based on one of the hundreds of historical mosaics one can find in Jordan: the ones in the church of St. Stephen, or those of Mount Nebo, or those in St. George’s church in Madaba. Mosaic is an ancient art Jordanians have always known and loved. A big mosaic takes weeks. Some can take months, or years. It is done piece by piece, one by one. And as with carpets, craftsmen work on them as in a mirror, or as a photo negative: they only reveal their final design once the work is finished. Mosaics can be a metaphor for God’s plans. They might take years to be finished, we might not be looking at the whole picture, but we know every little piece is necessary.

© Anna Raisa Favale