Volunteers bringing out vats of coffee to serve to those who visit the breadline.
A newer addition to the services provided by the St. Francis Bread for the Poor Organization -- a fully stocked pantry to provide food for those in need.
Program Coordinator Adam Cross gathers some items from the pantry for a woman in need.
Another service provided by St. Francis Bread for the Poor is free food delivery to the elderly and shut-ins.
Dorothy Davis, longtime volunteer, at her coffee-making station.
Before dawn the breadline begins to form.
As the breadline opens, the volunteers, Bob and Emily, cheerfully greet each person and supply them with a sandwich, cake and other necessities.
Often, the act of a smile and offering a little conversation can be what a person needs to get through another day.
The image of the homeless Christ, created by sculptor Timothy Schmalz, sits just outside the entrance of St. Francis of Assisi church, challenging those who view it to consider the many facets of Christ's sacrifice and humility.