Danny DeVito The funnyman's first role as an actor was playing St. Francis of Assisi at his Catholic prep school. Later, as a teen, he asked his father to send him to a Catholic boarding school to "keep him out of trouble."
Justin Bieber This pop star rose to fame while still studying at a Catholic secondary school. A devout Christian, he has said that God "is the reason I'm here," and refers to his faith in his music.
Katie Holmes This actress was raised Catholic and educated in Catholic schools. After her marriage to Scientologist Tom Cruise ended, she returned to her Catholic faith and her daughter Suri reportedly attends a Catholic school.
Bill Murray The deadpan actor was raised a Catholic and attended a Jesuit school. His sister is a Dominican nun. Murray has lamented the lack of Latin Masses and is a big fan of Pope John XXIII.
Grace Kelly The legendary actress and former Princess of Monaco went to prestigious Catholic schools. Prior to her death, she visited the Vatican twice and made a pilgrimage to Lourdes.
Pierce Brosnan The father of five was raised Catholic and served as an altar boy. He went to a school run by the Christian Brothers, from whom he says he received "a strapping amount of faith."
Bruce Springsteen Calling himself, "the worst altar boy on planet earth," he grew up "surrounded by God" which he says has heavily influenced his music. "The language, the ideas, a lot of it came out of Catholic education."
Martin Sheen One of 10 siblings, he had a Catholic education and returned to the Church after suffering a heart attack in 1977. His faith grew after trips to India and Paris and the actor now regularly attends church at Our Lady of Malibu.
Benicio del Toro The actor and director went to a Catholic school in his native Puerto Rico. Although he had his only child out of wedlock, he brought her to his home territory to be baptized.
Coco Chanel Growing up in abject poverty, the one-of-five siblings was sent to an orphanage after her mother died. Taught by Catholic nuns to sew, she was impressed by their stark white wimples, a color later associated with her iconic brand.
Jim Caviezel The devout Catholic actor went to an all-boys Catholic high school where he excelled in basketball. After an accident in college he turned to acting, beginning a career that would see him taking on the role of Jesus Christ, among other notable religious roles.
Chris O'Donnell The father of five finished his Catholic education at a college in Boston run by Jesuits. He regularly attends church with his kids to give them a foundation, believing "my kids are learning a lot and it’s just a good framework."
Mel Gibson The controversial actor and director attended an all-boys Catholic school in Australia. He says his work on The Passion of the Christ gave him a "wonderful opportunity every day to practice tolerance, something I wasn't too good at."
Alfred Hitchcock The famous director maintained that his Jesuit education instilled in him a sense of "organization, control, and to some degree, analysis." He and his wife were regular church-goers, giving frequently to the Church.