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Alphonse Declared venerable by Pope Francis in 2016, Alphonse Gallegos was considered by many to be a “living saint.” Born in New Mexico in 1931, Alphonse later moved with his family of 11 siblings to Los Angeles for a better education, where his desire to become a priest grew. Despite suffering from severe myopia that hindered his studying for the priesthood, Alphonse was ordained a priest for his “holiness, humility, and community spirit.” Becoming pastor in his home town of Watts, which was riddled with gang violence and poverty, Fr. Aphonse focused on educating the children. He was appointed auxiliary bishop of Sacramento. His motto was “Love one another.” He was praying the Rosary for an end to abortion on the day he died in a car crash in 1991. From the German meaning “noble” and “ready,” the name Alphonse seems appropriate for a man of such heroic virtue.

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