St. Louis Martin

The father of St. Thérèse de Lisieux was canonized with his wife Zélie in 2015. Throughout his life he had to contend with the heartache of losing 4 of his 9 children, and watch as his wife succumbed to cancer. As a dad, he ensured all his children had a strong faith as they all went on to enter religious life.

St. Nicholas of Flüe

This 15th-century Swiss folk hero was successful in settling disputes between cantonal factions. His efforts actually prevented a civil war. His skills were undoubtedly put to the test when raising his 11 children. Eventually his faith called him to become a hermit -- with his wife's blessing, of course.

St. Louis IX, King of France

The 13th-century French king who had 11 children with his wife Margaret of Provence insisted on giving his children a life of faith and instilling in them the perils of mortal sin. The devout king set a great example by using money to help the vulnerable in society and inviting beggars to his home for meals.

St. Leonidas of Alexandria

It's hard to imagine the level of patience needed to parent 7 boys, but this wealthy layman must have had some success, as one of his boys went on to be the philosopher Origen. When Leonidas was beheaded for his faith in the 3rd century, his family was saved from destitution thanks to a Christian lady.

St. John Paul II

While the late pontiff might not have been a biological father, he was the spiritual "papa" to millions. His wisdom and kindness made him an ideal example to follow for children and adults alike. And as with any wonderful father, his pearls of wisdom will continue to influence those born after his death in 2005.