A way to keep sugar levels down  

A few moms revealed that when they need a little ice cream pick-me-up and don't want the kids to have any, they claim the ice cream is spicy, or even medicine, and go as far as making faces as they eat it. Obviously, they're only concerned about their kids' diet!

A tactic for reducing screen time

We've heard of parents taking batteries out of noisy toys, but one mom in the UK goes a little further and takes the fuse out of the TV plug so her kids will think it's broken. This way she gains a little peace from the constant monitoring and arguing over screen time.

Teaching kids how to resist temptation

Lots of parents confessed to using the old ice cream van trick: When the alarm goes off, it means there's no ice cream left. Not only are they helping their children from eating too many sweet treats they're training them to resist temptation!

Exercise is a must

When one very resourceful dad's children realized the truth behind the ice cream van music, he decided to embrace it. He recorded the music and played it on a Bluetooth speaker on a loop. His kids had to run around the block looking for ice cream!

Keeping the noise down

One mom had a child who wouldn't stop shouting, so she told him about a little boy who had to have his tonsils taken out because they'd become so big after all his shouting. The little boy suddenly became a lot quieter.

Encouraging kids to keep their rooms nice and clean

When a child loses a tooth in France, the "little mouse" comes to leave money under the pillow. One dad uses this as an opportunity to get his son to tidy his room -- he told him the mouse only comes if the room is completely clean and tidy.

A lesson in not wasting food

A resourceful dad made his child a gator pie but told him it was chicken so his son would get the protein without protesting.

Encouraging family time

When a couple realized their son's birthday was coming up, they decided to change the date and tell him his big day arrived a day early. (The slight hiccup came when the mom shared her son's real birthday on Facebook and he started getting messages.)

The secret to getting enough sleep

Many tired parents confessed to an old favorite: skipping a few paragraphs, pages, or even chapters while reading to their kids so bedtime comes quicker. However, when one mom was caught in the act, she told her son that she was just testing him to see if he was really listening.