Stephen Colbert, youngest of 11

With the devastating loss of his father and two brothers in a plane crash when he was 10, Colbert finally managed to find joy in his work, quoting his priest: "Joy is the most infallible sign of the presence of God."
Mel Gibson, middle child of 11

It was Gibson's sister who got him on the road to acting by applying for a place at drama school on his behalf, "pointing him in the right direction."
Dolly Parton, 4th of 12

The busy Southern belle cherishes her large family as she shares: "I see so much of my family in the things that I do. And I love and embrace that."
Celine Dion, youngest of 14

When her mom turned 90, the normally private songstress posted a large family photo on Instagram saying: "What a privilege for us all to still have you around... We love you!"
Chris O'Donnell, youngest of 7

Dubbed "precious love" by his mom, the now father-of-five expresses: "I had this amazing experience being the youngest of seven because I was so influenced by each of my brothers and my sisters."
Conan O'Brien, 3rd of 6

The TV host speaks with his family every day and says his humor comes from "trying to make my dad laugh or my brothers laugh at the table when we were having meals together."
Jim Gaffigan, youngest of 6

The funnyman's eldest sister Cathy, who was an "early influence," made sure he was tucked up in bed on time, as he said: "I come from a very big family ... nine parents."
Mark Wahlberg, youngest of 9

Hollywood's ex-bad boy recognizes his parents' efforts in raising a large brood: "[They] were like everyone else and spent their time just trying to put a lot of food on the table."
Jim Caviezel, 1 of 5 With 5 keen basketball players, and with a mother hailing from Ireland, the devout actor's family kept things down-to-earth by referring to acting as "blarney."