Wilfried Tapsora, choir master – “This was meant to be. For me…as an African coming from where we are from -- it’s hard to leave that behind…when this was started it was for us a hope, because we found ourselves like being back home, but even a little better because of the struggles that we faced.”
Leticia, lector/coordinator – “Here, they are my people, it’s my family…it doesn’t matter what happens, I will be here Sunday.”
Fr. Joseph Kinda, associate Pastor – “I knew that to have such a community…because people are here for a long time, in French they have been educated in the full catechism, and they can now worship (in French) in the best way for them. I am so happy, it is a wonderful thing that we have, that we are allowed.”
Pascal, choir  – “From the beginning we were a small group, but soon from all the corners of New York people from all over, Togo, Mali, Burkina Faso…everybody was coming together, to celebrate and it became a big community! It’s a big family!”
Fr. Joseph Kinda, associate Pastor of the Parish of St. Joseph of the Holy Family, elevates the Host at the moment of Consecration.
Members of the Choir raise their voices in song.
One of the many little guys here to grow in faith.
Fr. Joseph begins the Corpus Christi procession and brings the Blessed Sacrament to the Congregation.
After Benediction, the congregation offers joy filled worship through singing and dancing.
Two Missionaries of Charity slip in after Mass to join in Worship.
Two ushers kneel in Adoration as the Procession continues through the congregation.
A little man studies the ushers...learning.