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St. Thérèse of Lisieux, in Alençon (France)
The Martin family lived in this house from 1871 to 1877, before moving to the Buissonnets house in Lisieux upon the death of Zélie, Thérèse’s mother. Zélie wrote to her sister-in-law about this house in July of 1871: “We are perfectly lodged. My husband has arranged everything in the house just right in order to please me. You’ll see the beautiful room we’ll give you when you come …” Thérèse was born on January 2, 1873. Visitors to the house today see a scene recreating the atmosphere of the family life and spirituality of the Martin couple and their five daughters. Visitors can see the statue of the “Virgin of the Smile,” the shrine of family prayer in the children’s bedroom.

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