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Painting of Our Lady of Good Hope Chapel in the Valley of Good Hope in Mosta by Anthony Calleja (2012). The story of this legendry church begins in the cave beneath it.  Around AD 1750, a family from Mosta who was working in fields close to Burmarrad, saw a party of buccaneers approaching them. So, they fled to Mosta. One of them could not ran anymore. With the corsairs at her heels, a young lady made it to a cave whose entrance was covered by parsley.  The terrified girl hid deep in the cave and asked the Virgin for help.   The raiders searched everywhere because a young female fetched a good price in the slave-market of Algiers.  But undisturbed cobwebs and thick parsley at the cave’s entrance made look elsewhere. They returned to their sloop empty-handed. As thanksgiving to God and to Our Lady, the girl and her family built a church over the cave, as it still stands today. This Church was built around AD 1757 | Courtesy of Anthony Calleja

© Courtesy of Anthony Calleja