Deacon Carlos Martinez prepares to proclaim the Gospel for the Feast of the Epiphany.
Fr. Vincenzo Cardilicchia elevates the host at the Consecration of the Blessed Sacrament.
The altar servers kneel in reverence during the Liturgy of the Eucharist.
The Three Kings approach the Nativity which is on the right side of the altar.
Each approaches and places his gift at the foot of the cradle in the manger.
The little leader of of the NYPD marching band
Msgr. Jamie G. Gigantiello, pastor of the neighboring parish, the Shrine Church of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, joins the parade to help carry the banner.
Many public schools joined in to celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany in the Three Kings' parade.
The Three Kings make their way up Graham Avenue.
A furry spectator waves his support of the parade on the occasion of the Feast of the Epiphany.
A member of the dance troupe dressed in traditional Mexican celebratory attire
A pequeña all dressed up for the colorful parade