The summit of Mt. Meeker is adjacent to Longs's Peak, which is the highest summit at Rocky Mountain State Park. Note the sparse growth at the one peak. This is due to the harsh weather conditions at 13,000+ feet.
Across the driveway on another rock formation is a huge statue of Jesus Christ that faces the chapel and appears as if blessing it.
The St. Catherine of Siena Chapel, built on a massive rock formation just beneath the peak of Mt. Meeker, which is seen to the right. The chapel is at an elevation of about 8,523 feet above sea level.
In the rear of the chapel is this single stained glass window of St. Catherine of Siena holding a crucifix.
A photograph of Pope St. John Paul II as he made his way to the hiking trails at the camp, located just behind the chapel.
The interior of the chapel. The walls are made of rock from the surrounding area, and the ceiling is made of wooden planks and beams.
The view of the rear of the chapel, where the tiny choir loft and the stained glass window are located.
This sign is at the rear of the chapel.
The chapel sign is presumably intended to keep fellows like this out.
The statue of Jesus Christ as seen from the direction of Twin Sisters Peak. The cut that's visible is the Cabin River. And hidden in the snowy cloud is Mt. Meeker.
A typical summit moment as a squall overtakes an area in the Twin Peaks Massif.
The Chapel of St. Catherine of Siena, standing proudly, pointing the way to heaven.