The procession moves under the shadow of the Chrysler Building.
A young girl leads one of the mysteries of the Rosary in Spanish.
There are young families that join in the procession, representing a new generation of Catholics.
As they conclude the Rosary, they begin making their way back to to the Shrine of the Holy Innocents, praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet.
The procession winds its way towards the East Side with the support of New York's Finest, holding the traffic for them as they cross the avenues.
A portrait of Our Lady of Guadalupe is carried to honor the Blessed Mother especially in the season of Christmas.
Stopping traffic.
Many passersby stop and take photos and videos, which helps spread the message of faith, hope and love that the procession represents.
From a street vendor's perspective.
A Sister of Life embraces a young child while the Rosary is recited.
The procession passes Grand Central Station on 42nd Street at Pershing Square, just beneath Park Avenue.
The Sisters of Life doing their version of Abbey Road.