"Our spirit remains strong and our trust in God’s Providence and Protection has never wavered. We continue to pray for the safety and good health of all of you and ask that a cure for this virus may be found quickly." Queen of Peace Residence - Queens, New York.
"Through our daily interactions, Holy Family Residence has not lost our family spirit. In the spirit of St. Jeanne Jugan, we are reminded daily that making the residents happy is what truly counts." - Holy Family Residence, St. Paul, Minnesota
"Our nurses and certified nursing assistants have come to the Residence every day to provide the care and comfort for our residents. Our nursing staff is on the front line of our response to this pandemic and has handled this crisis with grace, confidence and humor." - Queen of Peace Residence, Queens, New York
"In these days, we are grateful for technology! Several residents have been able to FaceTime their families with the help of the sisters and the staff in order to visit with them via telecommunication. What a gift to be able to see family members from near and far in this time of separation." - Mullen Home for the Aged, Denver, Colorado
"Fr. Tim Fairman, from our local St. Theresa Parish, along with Associate Pastor, Fr. Matt Jamesson and Seminarian Rob Ryan, planned a Eucharistic procession in a two-mile radius encircling the church. Fr. Tim called and asked if they could process to our building. What a wonderful blessing – we joyfully agreed!!!" - St. Joseph's Home, Palatine, Illinois
"A special dessert delivery arrived later in the day for St. Anne’s household from a resident’s daughter: a beautifully decorated and humorous bunny cake wearing a face mask. The bunny cake was doing his part to contain the spread of the virus, as many of us are also doing these days, by wearing the face mask! The staff and employees enjoyed eating and sharing a laugh about the silly cake!" - Sts. Peter and Paul Home, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
"The Palatine Chipotle Mexican Grill surprised our staff with a gracious donation of 50 burritos including chips, salsa, sour cream, and even guacamole! We excitedly lined up for our burritos, some of us trying Chipotle for the very first time." St. Joseph's Home, Palatine, Illinois
“'In Service to One, in Service to All.'” This phrase is the motto of the Knights of Columbus. Truer words were never spoken. The Queens County Knights of Columbus Districts secured, paid for some much needed supplies." Queen of Peace Residence, Queens, New York
"A big shout out is due to our nurses, aides, housekeepers, kitchen, medical, and administrative staff for their hard work daily. We could not get through this without them, that is for sure!" - St. Paul's Home, Cincinnati, Ohio
"A list of much-needed items was sent out to our Auxiliary and family members, to volunteers and parishes and many have generously responded! We send our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has given so generously with food, supplies and monetary donations. The Little Sisters pray every day for you, our benefactors, for your support, that you all stay well and for an end to this health crisis." St. Joseph's Home for the Elderly, Totowa, New Jersey
"Last week, a few of the residents felt so bad when they heard different places were short of masks. They decided to take it on as a project ... They are saying, 'We want to do all we can to help where we can!'" - St. Joseph's Residence,  Enfield, Connecticut
"On the feast of St. Joseph our chaplain, Rev. Philip Simo, OSB, carried the Blessed Sacrament around our building to bless the house and ask God’s protection over us in the midst of this coronavirus scare." Jeanne Jugan Residence, Washington, DC