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The Triptych painting of Our Lady of Miracles in Lija
The miraculous triptych altar piece in an old chapel of the town of Lija depicting the Madonna seated on a throne, holding the Infant Jesus, with St. Paul on the left and St. Nicholas on the right. On the 20th February in 1743, while lighting a lamp in front of the Holy Image, the sexton noticed that the face of the Madonna was shinier than usual. When he took a closer look he noticed water-like liquid on the Blessed Virgin’s image.  The sexton decided to inform the Parish Priest, who in turn notified the Ecclesiastical Authorities. It was established that the drops were made of human sweat.  The following day, 21st February, Malta was hit by a devastating earthquake, but buildings did not collapse and not a single life was lost | Photo by Martin Dimech on behalf of the Malta Tourism Authority