Fra Angelico (1395-1455), The Transfiguration

This fresco can be seen in a friars' cell at the Dominican Convent of San Marco, in Florence.

Giovanni Bellini (1430-1516), The Transfiguration

This oil on board painting, on of two by Bellini treating this subject, is found at the Capodimonte Gallery in Naples.

Raphael Sanzio (1483-1520), The Transfiguration

Raphael began working on this painting in 1518. He worked on this piece for 2 years, until his death. In addition to Jesus and the disciples, and Moses and Elijah, he included other characters in the scene.

Gerard David (1460-1523), The Transfiguration

This triptych can be seen in the Church of Our Lady in Bruges. The side panels feature portraits of the donors and their children painted by another artist.

Tiziano (Titian) Vecellio (1490-1576), The Transfiguration

Titian designed this painting as a screen for the silver reredos (altar backing) of the high altar of Venice's San Salvador Church. On feast days, the painting would be raised on a pulley to reveal the reredos.

Lorenzo Lotto (1480-1557), The Transfiguration

Designed originally as an altarpiece, Lotto's panel -- which marks an awkward transitional period in his painting style -- can now be seen in the Pinacoteca Communale di Recanati, Italy.