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CITROËN LICTORIA C6 The Citroën Lictoria C6 was donated to Pius XI on 9 June 1930 by Citroën Italy. The exterior of the vehicle has all the typical characteristics of the series, but the deep burgundy color of the bodywork and the gilded chrome of all the metallic finishings lend it a solemn appearance. Here again, for reasons of protocol the rear passenger compartment is equipped like a throne room. Unlike the other automobiles, the interior is arranged like a sophisticated 1700s Venetian-style drawing room, dominated by the papal throne in crimson brocade and the elegant panels of inlaid wood, concealing small compartments intended to store objects that could be useful during the journey, such as the breviary. It did not receive much use due to its excessively lavish appearance, and therefore has travelled only 192 kilometers. Pius XII avoided using it during the years spanning World War II.

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