Throughout her short life Blessed Chiara Badano was the epitome of joy, which can be seen in her beaming smile and her love for Jesus. Sporty, popular, and fond of pop music, she discovered she had an aggressive bone cancer in her late teens. She embraced her suffering, offering her pain up to Christ, and asked to be buried in a wedding gown as an eternal bride to Jesus. Dying just before her 19th birthday, she is a wonderful role model for any young woman.


More commonly known as Catherine of Siena, Caterina is a popular 14th century saint who was the 25th child in the family! After a mystical experience, she dedicated herself to serving the poor and sick but also became instrumental in maintaining  peace during a fractious time for the Church in Rome and other Italian states. Named a Doctor of the Church for her prolific writings and influence, she died aged 33 due to a weakened body through fasting. Maybe your own Caterina would make a great peace-keeper among her own family members.


As one of the first followers of Francis of Asssi, Clare of Assisi founded the Order of Poor Ladies -- known today as the Poor Clares. By writing the order's Rule of Life, she became the first woman to draw up a set of monastic guidelines. Living in strict poverty and relative silence, Clare's life was devoted to serving Christ. Her name actually means "clear, bright, shining" so here's hoping your own little Clare will shine a light where ever she goes. (In Italian, Clare is Chiara.)


After divorcing her vicious and difficult husband, St. Fabiola began a second relationship before her husband's death, against the Church's teachings. With the death of this second man, Fabiola publicly sought penance. She abandoned her extreme wealth and gave herself to the service of the needy and the Church, under the guidance of St. Jerome. Her life demonstrated how we can make up for our past mistakes, offering an example of hope and courage to any mini-Fabiola.


In her short life, Gemma Galgani was devoted to prayer and helping the poor. She had to finish her schooling early due to chronic pain and when her father died, she soon found herself acting as mom to her seven younger siblings. In addition to poor health, she experienced the stigmata and ecstasy. She died at the age of 25 with a smile on her face. Invoked for the protection of parents, she could be a great intercessor for the whole family.


Dying at the end of the 4th century, Lea of Rome understood what was truly important in life. The wealthy noblewoman was widowed early and abandoned all her wealth to join a convent. She lived a virtuous life, according to the writings of St. Jerome. Hopefully your own little Lea will follow in her footsteps, putting eternal life above a worldly one.


Margaret of Cortona fled her home at a young age and had a child out of wedlock with a man named Arsenio. Finding his murdered body shocked the saint and turned her life around. She became a Franciscan tertiary and spent her life in prayer and penance. Her love of the Eucharist and the Passion led her to lead a charitable life. Your Margaret, Maggie or Peg has a wonderful intercessor to steer her on the right path.


Like so many Italian saints, Martina of Rome gave away her worldly goods in search of a life of prayer. The 3rd-century saint was martyred for refusing to worship pagan gods. She's an inspiring patron for a little girl who will hopefully grow up with determination to stick to her beliefs.


Mom of four Gianna Beretta Molla was a dedicated physician blessed with a very happy marriage. During her fourth pregnancy, complications developed and the devout mother insisted on saving her baby's life, even if it left her in danger. One week after the delivery of her fourth child, Gianna died from complications of her c-section. She's an inspiring woman who can help your mini-Gianna appreciate the value of life.


As a young girl, Zita of Lucca entered the tough world of domestic service but still made sure to rise extra early for Mass. She was abused by her employers, but continued to work diligently as a service to God. Always thinking of others, she would give away her food to those in need and made sure to always find time for prayer. Your own little Zita can seek her intercession to get through hardships as she grows up.