Fish sticks, mashed potatoes, and peas 

Try this cheaper version from the fish selection. Those breadcrumbs will make it a little more palatable for fussier kids. Add a bit of mashed potatoes and a portion of peas and your kids should clear their plates.

Mac n cheese

A firm favorite among most kids, this tasty dish is very simple to prepare and filling at the same time. It's the perfect go-to dish when a group of last-minute guests turn up at the door. Be sure to add a side dish of broccoli for a little balance!

Mini muffin pizzas

Split an English muffin in half and top with tomato sauce, a sprinkling of cheese, and a few meatless toppings. You can get your kids involved. A cheaper alternative to take out pizza!

Baked potatoes with cheese and beans

A hearty meal that needs minimal preparation. Place some potatoes in the oven, sprinkle a healthy serving of grated cheddar, and add a serving of beans for even more protein. This is a great option if you're expecting a crowd and don't want to spend time in the kitchen. You can also substitute sweet potatoes for regular potatoes if you wish.

Carrot and coriander soup

This is particularly great option on the chillier evenings in Lent. A big bowl of warm soup served with slices of buttered bread is a tasty, healthy option for the whole family.

Scrambled eggs and toast

Eggs are always a great and filling option. Scrambled eggs are a particularly healthy choice and served up on toast with a bit of ketchup will see most kids gobble them up. Spread a little avocado on the toast for a healthy addition.

Pesto pasta

A packet of pasta, a helping of pesto, and a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese will put a smile on any child's face. With this recipe you can add a few pine nuts for a bit of crunch and a side salad for some fresh veggies.

Tuna tacos

If you prefer, you can use canned tuna for this quick and simple snack. This particular recipe has a few chopped onions and cilantro for a mouthful of flavor.

Grilled cheese

A firm favorite for generations, the grilled cheese sandwich is a go-to comfort food. There are variations to add a little flavor but most kids will want to keep it pretty basic. You can add a side of tomato soup for the extra hungry -- great to dip the grilled cheese into!


For those who love a vegetable mix, try a delicious ratatouille served with a helping of garlic bread. This particular version is very quick to prepare and you can even get the kids involved in chopping veggies if they're old enough.