They will keep you young

You might not get a lot of sleep in the first few years after becoming a parent, but the truth is, children will keep you young at heart. Children help us to relive our own childhoods, force us to be active and to pay attention to our health, and connect us to the younger generations.

They will strengthen your marriage

When a couple has a child together, there's a special bond they share forever. A child is a living, tangible reminder of a couple's love and unity. Raising a family together strengthens the partnership of a husband and wife and calls them to cherish and support each other.

They will be your best teachers

From the moment they arrive, children begin to teach their parents lessons -- about love, beauty, innocence, goodness, joy, and more. Raising a child has a way of bringing out our best and worst qualities, which helps us gain more insight into ourselves and become better people. And because children are unique persons in their own right, they teach us a lot simply by being themselves.

They will teach you about God

There is no love like the love between a parent and child. Those who become parents for the first time often say they're completely overwhelmed by the depth of love they feel for their child. This kind of unconditional love is a taste of the kind of love God has for us.

They will give you joy

The wonder and joy of a child is contagious; they help us to see life with fresh eyes. Watching them become who they are meant to be also brings happiness. Whether it's witnessing their first steps, seeing their eyes light up on Christmas morning, or holding back happy tears as they receive their diploma, the joyful moments children bring are too numerous to mention.

They will give you a new social life

You may not need new friends, but when you have children your circles will expand. You'll meet other parents and families, make connections at the schools your child attends, and find yourself in places with people you may never have imaged meeting.

They will make you less selfish

No doubt about it, having and raising children takes sacrifice and effort. Your life is no longer just about you, but about others who depends on you. Late night feedings, plans that have to be changed, far less time to spend on yourself ... these sacrifices can be painful. But the love you will have for your child helps you to be more selfless and to grow in love.

They will bring more meaning to your life

Happiness is not primarily found in pleasure or doing whatever you want, but in finding meaning. Children bring great meaning to our lives -- they give us a purpose, challenge us, call us to act more nobly and responsibly, and help us to focus on what's most important.

They will change the world

First, kids will change your world. But they'll also change the world of your extended family and everyone they meet. They will be unique individuals with a purpose, talents, and abilities. Maybe your child will be the one to cure cancer, make it to Mars, or write the next great novel. Whether he or she lives a day or a hundred years, your child will change the world in some way.

They will keep life interesting ... and entertaining

Forget about sitcoms and late night comedy shows -- children are some of the most naturally funny people around. And you don’t have to go anywhere or pay anything to enjoy the show when they live under your own roof. Sure, sometimes it’s not that funny in the moment … like when your toddler pees on the floor and your dog slips in it, or when your teen walks in with his new purple mohawk. But life with kids is always changing and never boring.