Ezra Roy

Roy, the first magna cum laude college grad from Texas Southern University with Down syndrome, received no special education. "Anyone who doesn't believe in God hasn't seen this -- how far he's come," says his dad of his son, who was in the college's fine arts program.

Elad Gevandschnaider

Military service is mandatory in Israel, but traditionally those with Down syndrome are exempt. Gevandschnaider nevertheless signed up to volunteer for the army. He credits years on the tennis courts for helping him stay in excellent condition.

Emmanuel Joseph Bishop

This multi-lingual activist is an altar boy, accomplished golfer, swimmer, and violinist, who believes that "he must use his gift from God in the pursuit of a greater cause, that of demonstrating that people with Down syndrome are like everyone else."

Akihito Ochi

Ochi started learning the piano from an early age, and since he was 14, he has been performing and composing in public. He has also recorded four albums.

Jim Jenson

After 12 years of running, Jenson completed the impressive New York City Marathon in just over 8 hours at the age of 48. Along the way he made sure to encourage others, saying: "If I’m not going to quit, you’re not going to quit either!”

Eli Reimar

At just 16, Reimar managed to take part in a 70-mile trek to Mount Everest's base camp. He had to reach an altitude of 17,500 feet, which is very hard going, requiring the body to acclimatize.

Karen Gaffney

The TED Talks speaker has not only swum the British Channel but has also received an honorary doctorate from the University of Portland. Gaffney created a foundation in her name to encourage inclusion for those with disabilities.

Garrett Holeve (“G-Money”)

In 2015, Florida granted Holeve the right to become the state's first MMA fighter with Down syndrome. Despite having rheumatoid arthritis and a limited reading level, the martial arts specialist proved to the world his extra chromosome wouldn't stop him from pursuing his dream.

Tim Harris

Harris proved a worthy entrepreneur when he was the first person with Down syndrome to open his own restaurant, called Tim's Place, where he offered free hugs to his patrons. Eventually he closed the restaurant to join his sweetheart in a different state.

Jamie Brewer

Now a familiar face, Brewer was the first person with Down syndrome to take to the catwalk at New York Fashion Week. She is also an actress and an activist who has worked to have the word retard withdrawn from Texas state legislation.