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Putting pen to paper -- or keyboard to screen, these days -- takes thoughtful consideration. A journalist's job is to uncover and share the truth, even when it's not pretty. It's a noble profession with the power to change society for the better when done with integrity and skill. A journalist who's Catholic may even be drawn to spreading the Gospel more overtly through Catholic media. Whatever the avenue, a Catholic with virtue and dedication can provide an invaluable service to the public through this profession.


The modern-day cook may not be able to pull off feeding 5,000 with five loaves and two fish, but whether you're a five-star chef, a cafeteria cook, or just the main cook at home, your work is essential -- you are nourishing others with food. It's a work of love that can be exhausting and demanding, but it's a rewarding job that brings health, pleasure, and beauty to others.


There may not be many rockstars among our readers, but anybody who steps out of their comfort zone to pursue their God-given talent is answering their Christian calling to sail into deep waters. If you're a musician of faith, you are putting your dreams and fears into God's hands and lifting the spirits of those who listen to your music. You can inspire young people and serve as a role model to some who are lost.


Men and women who carry out this job not only deal with complicated coffee orders, they often do so while lending an ear to people who regularly visit their establishments. So many people are lonely today and need to chat -- if you're willing to listen and be kind, you are being Christ for others. Perhaps it's no surprise that there's actually a patron saint of baristas -- St. Drogo -- who was known for his multi-tasking skills.


Anyone in a creative field -- from painters to photographers to filmmakers -- has the opportunity to share beauty and important ideas with the rest of the world. In the paintings in the Sistine Chapel, you can see the dedication of Michelangelo in every brush stroke. and 500 years later the awe he felt for God's creation is still present for all to see. Even if you're not quite at his level, the way you do your work reflects your love and appreciation for what God created. Beauty can indeed help save the world!


There is great responsibility that comes with being a teacher. It's not just about imparting knowledge, but helping your students learn how to think, to seek and find truth, to acquire wisdom, and to appreciate beauty. Good teachers also encourage their students to be the best they can be, both academically and morally. It's a job that helps shape future adults to have a sense of civic duty, to care for others, and to use their talents and skills for good.


Like many helping professions, nursing can be emotionally and physically draining. Nurses literally save peoples' lives, often in stressful situations and with little sleep. A person of faith who chooses this career will often be dealing with life and death, caring for sick brothers and sisters in distress, alleviating pain, calming fears of family members, and providing comfort. With a salary that in no way near matches the importance of this work, nursing tangibly mirrors God's love.


Throughout history there have been many scientists who've used their skills and knowledge to attest to God's work. Georges Lemaître, for example, was a Jesuit Catholic priest and professor of physics at a Catholic university, as well as an astronomer, and mathematician who used his mind to come to grips with the origin of the universe. Scientists firm in their faith can boldly uncover the truths of the created world while demonstrating that faith and reason are not opposed to each other, but instead inform each other.


Caring for God's kingdom is a noble deed, whether nurturing plants on your own property or working to restore natural habitats that have been destroyed. Whether you take inspiration from St. Louis Martin who was known for his love of nature, or St. Augustine who wrote prolifically about gardening, caring for the natural world makes you a protector of God's creation and a nurturer of the planet that younger generations will inherit.


Here's a meaningful career for those inspired by St Francis of Assisi. Taking care of God's creatures, from cute little dogs to scary snakes, takes years of study and dedication. It's not a glamorous job, and your patients may not always be able to show their gratitude, but taking the time to help fellow creatures in their time of need is something that truly makes the world a better place.